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Number of CDs

Price per CD for one format & standard rip

Price per each additional format requested

up to 50

$2.80 *

+65 cents

51 – 200


+65 cents

201 - 500


+65 cents



+65 cents

**Metadata Grooming incurs an additional 80 cents fee per CD groomed**


*Price includes our shipping pack of CD cakeboxes with spindles, and sturdy transit box.


*Price quoted is exclusive of GST

*Price does not include cost of postage to and from our ripping facility, which will be at your cost, advised at the time of confirming your order as prices vary depending on location, postal method chosen and cubic size of shipping box.

*To store your rip, we are happy to copy across to a hard drive/device provided by you.  Or we can supply you with an external hard drive – it’s all down to your preference.  Prices range from $89.00 to $449.00 depending on the make, model and size.

*If you choose to ship your collection in its original CD cases, not in our supplied beehive spindles, we charge a unpack, re-pack fee of $0.35 per disc.

*We find around 1-2% of peoples collections will fail to rip due to scratches, CD is copy protected by manufacturer, CD is a homemade copy or simply not listed on official industry databases.

**Please note, You are not charged for any disc which fall under this category, we only charge for discs we successfully manage to Rip**

Metadata grooming

This involves a manual process to ensure correct metadata is embedded in each CD ripped.  CD data is reviewed and, where necessary, there is a manual search and entry process to append artwork, and display correct track listings, genre, year of release and artist where these are either not included or are incorrect, as can occur when using licensed databases.  Metadata grooming involves considerable time and it is for this reason that it incurs an extra fee.

To Order and Buy

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