How Does Disc Ripping Work?

The name may sound entertaining, but it turns out disc ripping is quite a common and popular procedure to help convert CDs into their digital equivalent. Our disc ripping service converts commercially released CDs into digital music files so you can access your music collection on your digital device, throughout your home or even when you are out and about. Your CDs are ripped or converted into popular formats such as MP3 and can be delivered to you on a number of storage options such as DVD, external hard drives or the musical device itself. How does it all work? You tell us how many CDs you want converted, what your preferred digital format is and how you would like your converted CDs to be stored. We’ll send you a shipping kit that allows you to safely load your CDs for shipment back to our facility via Australia Post. Once your collection has arrived at our facility, we will convert it into your requested format and store it on your preferred device. We then mail back both your original and converted CD collections so you can play and enjoy your perfectly accessible digital music library.